A One-Day English Pronunciation Program for Japanese

Can you recognize the difference between the pronunciation of the two above-mentioned words? Most Japanese speakers will not be able to recognize this difference because of the similarity between the pronunciation of the L and the R.

Most Japanese learn English in school from Japanese teachers who themselves have not mastered the pronunciation of the English language. The students may do very well on English grammar tests but a lack of practice keeps them from mastering overall grammar and spoken pronunciation skills.

In this 6 hour one-day seminar you will learn the major pronunciation faults committed by Japanese speakers of English.

By our unique software-assisted method of visualizing the differences between native English speakers and Japanese learners of English, you will be aided in your understanding of your pronunciation errors and improve your communication skills.


Among the many pronunciation tips that you will receive in this seminar, you will learn the main pronunciation problems that Japanese speakers encounter when speaking English such as the pronunciation of L and R, F, P, B and V, and N at the end of words and the linking which often makes comprehension difficult.

Of course, in 6 hours you can't learn everything, but you can begin by recognizing certain major mistakes made by Japanese learners of English and correct them. You will be given English audio pronunciation files in order to help you to continue studying long after this seminar has finished.