High Impact Presentations
The One Seminar you really need

The Art of Presentation concerns being able to effectively and influentially present in English a Product or Service in front of a group of people who will be susceptible to either buy your product or retain your services.

The success you will have depends on the manner in which you present your Products or Services and during this course we will look at the most critical steps for the success of your presentation. An Intermediate level of spoken and written English is needed to participate in this seminar.

High Impact

  • Preparing the Presentation
  • The Opening
  • Being effective describing the Product or service which you have to offer
  • Communicating Figures
  • Cultural Differences and Body Language
  • Handling questions and closing statements

This is a one day or two-day seminar which can be done either in corporations or outside of the company in private meeting rooms.

Levels : Intermediate - Advanced Spoken and Written English

Each student will receive his/her own person DVD disc with his/her recorded Presentation

This may be a one day or two day Seminar