Adapting in France for Japanese

A few years ago one of my student’s a Japanese manager in a small Japanese owned design company, couldn’t understand three things about working with his French personnel. The first was why his French personnel would leave their dirty dishes in the office’s kitchen sink, believing that the cleaning person would do the washing up in the evenings. Secondly, he didn’t understand why the French personnel always took more than one hour for lunch when they specifically knew that allotted lunch time was one hour and thirdly how the personnel could work while discussing with the other members of the team.

For the dirty dishes, he put up a sign in English to wash the dishes ofter each use to ensure that the personnel would clean their own dishes.

It didn’t work and the dirty dishes remained in the sink.

For the overextended lunch, he informed all of the personnel that lunch time was 60 minutes not 70 or more.

The personnel still took more than 60 minutes for lunch.

As for the constant conversations between personnel, he put up small barriers between the open workspace so that each individual would be isolated and couldn’t see their neighbor.

Productivity declined.

Do you know why these three attempts at discipline didn’t work?

In this one day seminar, we will look at the fundamental differences between the Japanese culture and the French culture and I will explain the answer thanks to my 35 years of experience in living and working in France as a business owner. These and many other questions will be answered during this seminar with a long question and answer period to help your adaptation in France.

Why do things move slower in France than in Japan?

Why is it impossible to get a plumber to come to your home to repair a leaky faucet? Why do things take so long to get done? This and many other aspects of getting through daily life in France will be examined and answers provided to give you an insight into how life in France works.

An insight into French work ethic and the complexity of French work laws will help you understand why things move much slower in France ans why there are often many breakdowns in communication.

You will also learn the secret of the French expression:

“Why do something simple when we can do it complicated”.

The French notion of time.

What’s the story with French service.

Getting the most out of your employees.

What is the difference between effort in France and Japan.

Cleanliness in France.

These are just a few of the questions which we will answer during this seminar to make your stay as pleasant as posible.

This is a one day seminar.