Body Talk

The one Seminar you really need


How does your body talk? Is it tense? Do you need to make a good impression on others but don't know how? Do your palms sweat when you shake hands? Does your voice crack or stutter when you need to present a reassuring view of yourself?

Over 70% of the messages we send are with our body language; the rest, is what we say.

The impression you make within the first couple of minutes or even seconds within meeting someone, is the impression that the individual will carry with them. Are you confident enough to make that first impression a winning one?

Generally speaking, people respond most favorably to those who appear calm and focused, rather than excited and disorganized. Your body reflects this whether it be positive or negative. Positive body language signals include a steady vocal pitch and tone, gestures below shoulder level, open palms and nonverbal signals that correspond to the verbal message being delivered.

Individuals react unfavorably to negative body language that shows insincerity, uncertainty or arrogance.

In this one-day seminar you will learn the important aspects of what your body is saying to others. It is what determines a good impression from a bad impression within the first few minutes of meeting someone. We will look at different indivduals in politics and others to see how they use their body language either correctly or incorrectly and learn about how to get into the zone so you can concentrate entirely on the task at hand.

This is a one-day seminar but can be extended into a two-day seminar.