Founded in 1990 for the Japanese community, we are an Internet website that was conceived by co-founders Richard Schatz and Kristina Schatz and presently specializes in the promotion of Educational Consulting, and its related products and services. Our niche market is English Seminars for Japanese.

We provide Global Business Consulting, English Language Seminars, Public Speaker Training and customized Promotions of Products and Services which we highlight on our site.

Our mission is to become the foremost Internet website providing unique Motivational English Language Seminars, Team Building, Educational Software Methodology Design and related Products and Services for cross-cultural American/Asian/European/World business and personal enrichment. We are specialists in Communication, Coaching, Global Business Cultural Awareness, as well as, seasoned Promotion and Entertainment industry professionals.

We seek to connect leaders, expatriates, human resource managers, project teams, business professionals, corporations, educational institutions and English Language students - newcomers and veterans - with courses, seminars and related products that fit the client's desires, budget and skill level.

Please visit our English Language Training website for general English Language learning for Adults and Children.